Mar 24 Business, Real Estate & Wealth Building Expo 2018
Mar 24 Bury The Superwoman: Raise The Queen Welcome VIP Breakfast - March 24, 2018
Mar 24 Real Estate Investing for Beginners & Fire Your Landlord – Become An American Homeowner (Room: Metro Tech A)
Mar 24 Get Money for Your Business & An Intro to Crypto Currency (Room: Metro Tech B)
Mar 24 Encore Entrepreneur: Starting a Business at 50+ (Tactic Room)
Mar 24 How the Tax Reform Law Impacts Your Business (Room: Metro Tech B)
Mar 24 The Future of the Real Estate Market of Brooklyn & Commercial Real Estate Financing Solutions for Multifamily, Mixed Use, Office, and Retail Properties
Mar 24 How to Fund Your Real Estate without Debt (Room: Metro Tech A)
Mar 24 Small Business Health Options Program (Room: Metro Tech B)
Mar 24 Funding Your Non-Profit (Tactic Room)
Mar 24 Real Estate Investment Luncheon
Mar 24 Secrets to Protecting Your Real Estate & Non-Real Estate Wealth (Room: Metro Tech A)
Mar 24 Become a Certified Travel Agent & Destination Specialist (Room: Metro Tech B)
Mar 24 Social Media for Small Business Owners (Tactic Room)
Mar 24 Equity Smart Realty Career Opportunity (Room: Metro Tech A)
Mar 24 From Recipe to Store: Launch Your Food Product (Tactic Room)
Mar 24 An Intro to the Executive Women’s Leadership Program (Room: Metro Tech B)
Mar 24 An Introduction to the Paralegal Certificate Program
Mar 24 Identity Theft, Improving & Repairing Your Credit (Room: Metro Tech B)
Mar 28 Introduction to the Paralegal Certificate Program & Career Success Seminar (3/28/18)
Mar 31 Paralegal Certificate Course (TRACK 38 - Sat. March 31, 2018)
Mar 31 New EEOC National Origin Discrimination Enforcement Guidance Seminar
Apr 3 Paralegal Certificate Course (TRACK 39 - Tues. April 3, 2018)
Apr 7 Credit Repair Seminar
Apr 12 Article 78 Proceeding Seminar
Apr 14 Credit Repair Seminar
Apr 19 Building A Successful Construction Business
Apr 21 Credit Repair Seminar
Apr 26 Notary Public Training Course - April 26, 2018
Apr 28 Credit Repair Seminar
May 3 Small Business Expo 2018
May 12 Credit Repair Seminar
May 19 Credit Repair Seminar
May 26 Credit Repair Seminar
Jun 2 Credit Repair Seminar
Jun 9 Credit Repair Seminar
Jun 16 Credit Repair Seminar
Jun 23 Credit Repair Seminar
Jun 30 Credit Repair Seminar