May 29 Fire Your Landlord Seminar
May 30 International Franchise Expo 2019
Jun 5 Small Business Expo 2019
Jun 8 Fire Your Landlord Seminar (12:00noon)
Jun 19 Equity Smart Realty Inc. - Real Estate Track
Jun 19 From Worker to Business Owner Track (Tactic Room)
Jun 19 Workers' World Today Union Track
Jun 19 International Trade & Global Business Track
Jun 19 Publishing, Marketing and Surviving in the Contemporary Market
Jun 25 Become a Certified Travel Agent and Destination Specialist - Benefits of the Travel Industry
Jun 27 Introduction to the Paralegal Certificate Program & Career Success Seminar (6/27/19)
Jun 28 Starting a Business at 50+
Jun 29 Paralegal Certificate Program (TRACK 46 - Legal Research & Writing 1 & 2)
Jun 29 How to Win in Court/ Why Represent Yourself in Court?
Jul 10 Small Business Boot Camp Seminar Series
Jul 11 The Business of Fashion Boot Camp
Jul 17 Small Business Boot Camp Series: Get Money for Your Business
Jul 18 Marketing on Facebook
Jul 24 Small Business Boot Camp Series: An Intro to Marketing, Landing Pages & Blogging
Jul 25 Notary Public Training Course - July 25, 2019
Jul 31 Small Business Boot Camp Series: SBA-Certified Programs
Aug 1 The Executive Woman Leadership Program
Aug 7 Small Business Boot Camp Series: Contracting/ Selling to the Goverment & Global Market
Aug 8 Advertising on Instagram
Aug 8 Article 78 Proceeding Seminar
Aug 14 Small Business Boot Camp Series: Minority Certification - Doing Business with NYC and NY State
Sep 7 Tax Preparation & Starting a Tax Business